Gender, Sexuality, Queer and Trans Studies Write Back

Auf nach Berlin:

//Gender, Sexuality, Queer and Trans Studies Write Back//

„The Empire Writes Back (Ashcroft, Griffiths, Tiffin 1989, 2002) was the first published collection of texts dealing with postcolonialism. The post- and neocolonial condition had provoked a radical critique of the Global North’s notions of literature (the title references Salman Rushdie’s 1982 The Empire Writes back with a Vengeance). Today, global economic, sovereign and epistemic violence show that many aspirations of a century of revolutions have not yet been achieved, which in turn has continued to engender new forms of resistance. However, in the face of new populist
appropriations of activism, an analysis of politics and revision of concepts of resistance are now urgently needed.

This is particularly the case in relation to gender and sexuality since the gender order is the realm in which inclusions or exclusions, and claims to power tend to be strongly demarcatedb especially in times of transition. Gender must, however,
be thought in terms of its intersection with constructions of Race, Class, Nation, Ability, and Religion.“


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