Cinema and Embodiment: The Aesthetics of Pornography

Petra Van Brabandt zu fluids in art und Pornografie. Gestern sprach sie an der Städelschule – anbei eine tolle Dokumentation über eine Konferenz in Kent zu ähnlichem Thema:

„This two-day event focused on the relationship between cinema, embodiment, and pornography. Our invited speakers originated from diverse disciplines: philosophy of art, film and media studies, and cultural studies. Two of our speakers are also involved in making feminist alternative pornography themselves. This allowed for an interdisciplinary discussion in which the theme was approached from a variety of academic perspectives whilst at the same time staying in close connection with the practice and experience of pornography. The film screening and symposium were part of a cross-disciplinary project “Confined Projections” which also included an exhibition of 6 purpose built mutoscopes (a hand-cranked pre-cinema device). Confined Projections was part of the international Festival of Projections, an art festival at the University of Kent. 28 People attended the film screening, 43 delegates participated at the symposium, and a further 350 people visited the exhibition.“

Die ganze Dokumentation findest du hier:

Cinema and Embodiment: The Aesthetics of Pornography

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